The First Defense of a Master Thesis at the Ukrainian-Language Distance Master’s Program of Ecumenical Studies

2012-01-27 15:45

The topic of the thesis is “The Uniate Ideas of Metropolitans Yosyf Venyamyn (Rutskyi) and Petro (Mohyla) and Their Development Today by Patriarch Lyubomyr Huzar.”

The supervisor of the thesis was Doctor of Canonical Law, metrop. prot. Mykhaylo Dymyd, and the thesis was reviewed by Doctor of Theology, Rev. Ihor Petsyukh.

It was the first defense of a master thesis at the Ukrainian-language DMPES. Therefore, as the head of the committee, Vice Rector for Research, Dr. Oleh Turiy said: “The defense of this work is a victory not only for the program of the IES but for the whole institute.”

Iryna Khomyn has an education in engineering, works in the company Ukrtelekom. She graduated from the O.S. Popov National Academy of Communication in Odesa, and she entered the Distance Program of Ecumenical Studies in 2009.

In her work, the student touched upon the issue of the unity of churches, which was considered as early as the 17th century by Metropolitans Yosyf Venyamyn Rutskyi and Petro Mohyla. Iryna analyzed their main unifying ideas, which were later developed by Patriarch Lyubomyr Huzar during his partoral service. The proposal of the united patriarchate of the Churches of Volodymyr’s Baptism as a transition from subordination to communion can become a model for the unified Kyiv Church.

The first defense of the master thesis of the student of the DPES was successful. The committee agreed that the work was independent, even though it sometimes lacked the broader context. “We considered the fact that you mastered the basics of the theological, ecclesiastic and historical studies without having a basic education in humanities, and this gave us an additional argument to grade your work with an excellent score,” pointed out the head of the committee.

Oleh Turis also recommended that the students of the program paid more attention to evaluating historiography, taking into consideration various discrepancies which can appear in the process of writing their work.

The head of the DMPES, Taras Kurylets thanked all members of the committee for their work, expressed his gratitude to the “newly-made” master Iryna Khomyn for her perseverance in studies and courage in selection of the difficult yet very up-to-date topic for her research.