"Godfathers" program

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  Support IES students through “Godfathers” program
The Institute of Ecumenical Studies has created a “Godfathers” program. This is a unique program, owing to which Master’s Degree Program in Ecumenical Studies students can gain a support from IES friends from abroad.

The program is intended to encourage finanial support of our Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies. Currently we have 50 students, you can find them on: The education costs every student $500 per academic year. Since it is a two-year program, the total cost to each student who completes the program is $1,000. In order to allow us to continue to accept the very best students, regardless of their financial status, we are hoping to find interested individuals in Ukrainian communities abroad – as well as non-Ukrainians – to fund an individual student’s studies in the program. Ideally, these individuals would commit to two annual donations of $500 each.

Our master’s program is certainly a unique one – as the only such program in the former Soviet Union, we have received congratulations from such individuals as Cardinal Kasper, Dietrich Werner of the World Council of Churches, and Patriarch Bartholomew. Our Master Degree Program also offers theological ecumenical education through on-line instruction, and that is the first this kind academic program in the world. As such, we believe that the continued success of our program is critical to our Institute’s mission.

With your help, we will be able to ensure the financial stability of our program.

In return, the donor would be paired with a specific student, giving them the opportunity to correspond with that student and to receive regular updates on the student’s progress.

In order to support the Master’s Degree Program of Ecumenical Studies, please contact us at:

Donations in US dollars


Beneficiary Bank: UKRSOTSBANK, Lviv, Ukraine



Beneficiary Acct: 26006000003280

In the NOTE field of your bank wire money order please state “charitable donation”.

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Correspondent banks for USA transfers

AMERICAN EXPRESS BANK LTD. (New York)   USD 739532          AEIBUS33A  



    USD 04094040        BKTRUS33   ABA 0210-0103-3
BANK OF NEW YORK (New York)            USD 8900260947      IRVTUS3N ABA 0210-0001-8


Please, send a separate note to our e-mail address ( that you intend to donate money to the Master’s Degree Program in Ecumenical Studies (The “Godfathers” program)