Welcome to the second Ecumenical Kirchentag!

2010-05-14 15:15

All are welcome at the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag — and not just Christians from different denominations. In more than 3,000 events we shall be considering how we can successfully lead a Christian life in and for the world in this day and age. Interfaith dialogue will also play an important role here. Arising from our common responsibility we will seek ways to turn all this into acts of solidarity.

You are invited to participate in seeking answers to pressing political questions, joining in lively debates about the future of our planet Earth and taking steps to come closer together - through open encounter, praying together and celebrating this festival of faith. In addition, an extensive cultural programme will be on offer, including concerts featuring every sort of musical style, theatrical performances and a great variety of artistic presentations and exhibitions.

This 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag aims to be an occasion for openness, for looking beyond our boundaries, for reflecting, for listening to others, for raising our spirits — full of the joy of life.

It will be well worth keeping your diary free for those five days in Munich in May 2010. Come and give a face to ecumenism and let us demonstrate that there is more that unites us than divides us!