"Good Christian should have an ecumenical attitude" – Fr. Dr. Iwan Dacko

2016-07-26 13:30


Rev. Dr. Iwan Dacko for two days spoke about the development of ecumenical thought from the middle of XIX century to the end of the XX century. Students and guests had the opportunity to not only expand their knowledge of the ecumenical movement, but also to explore the church-historical background: what was the Church of the first millennium; the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches and calls for the union; disputes and schisms and their causes; to hear about the Kyiv Metropolinate between East and West, to learn more about the ecumenical movement outside the Catholic Church and much more.

"If we want to be the followers of Christ, true Christians, we should strive for unity, to be ecumenical. A good Christian should have an ecumenical attitude. We have to arm in great patience because we shall sow – grandchildren or great-grandchildren after us shall collect the harvest" – Fr. Dr. Iwan Dacko stressed during the lecture.