Video of the lectures

Dr. Yaroslav Hrytsak, Doctor of Historical Sciences UCU "How to Reconcile Properly: what experience of the Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation can tell us about possibility of the Russian-Ukrainian reconciliation?"

 Dr. Yuriy Pidlisnyi, Head of the UCU Program Ethics-Politics-Economics, “The Russian war against Ukraine: political, ideological and religious roots”

Rev. Dr. Oleh Kindiy, UCU Theological department, "Сhurches in peacebuilding: Ecumenical engagement for peace and reconciliation”

Dr. Paul Silas Peterson, Protestant Faculty of Theology of the University of Tübingen and at the Theology Faculty of the University of Heidelberg (Germany), “The public sphere, democracy and truth claims: Ethical and theological perspectives”

Dr. Myroslav Marynovych, Vice-Rector of UCU, Co-Founder of Amnesty International Ukraine, and a Founding Member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, “Distinguishing between Truth and Lies and the Future World Order”

Dr. Dmytro Sherenhovsky, Head of the UCU Academic Department, “Propaganda in academia: Russian impact on Western universities and think tanks”

Taras Kurylets, Project manager IES/UCU, “The impact of the war on the Ukrainian confessions”

Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko, Professor at Valparaiso University, USA, “Religious dimension of the current Russian aggression against Ukraine”

Rev. Dr. Andriy Dudchenko, an archpriest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, lecturer of Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy, “The perspectives of unity between the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine in new circumstances of war”

Rev. Andriy Shestak, Director of the UCU School of Journalism and Communication, "«The holy hybrid war»: principles and efficiency"

Dr. Borys Potiatynyk, Professor of the UCU School of Journalism and Communication, “Is it possible to get rid of the issue of truth?”

Dr. Svitlana Hurkina, Associate Professor at Church History Department, the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Director of the Institute of Church History, “UGCC 50-years’ experience of resistance to the soviet totalitarian regime and propaganda”

Sister Dr. Vassa Larin, a Russian Orthodox ryassofor nun, Professor of Liturgical Studies at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Vienna in Austria, “Interconnectedness between propaganda and war: theological evaluation and proposals”

Dr. Taras Dzyubanskyy, Adviser to the Mayor of Lviv in Religious Issues, Director of the UCU Institute of Religion and Society, “How the war impacts on the interreligious relations in Ukraine?”

Dr. Roman Nazarenko, Researcher in the inter-religious studies, UCU Institute of Religion and Society,  “Theological evaluation of war and peace in Christianity and Islam”

Dr. Joshua Searle, Director of Postgraduate Studies at Spurgeon’s College, GB, “Christian Ethics and the Challenge of Russian Propaganda in a Post-Truth Age”

Dr. Roman Soloviy, Director of the Eastern European Institute of Theology, “Causes of different statements on the Russian military aggression of Russian and Ukrainian Protestants”

Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director IES/UCU, “How the War in Ukraine Changes the Identity of Ukrainian Churches”

Dr. Anatoliy Babynsky, religious journalist, UCU Department of Church History, “Development of the world ecumenical relations in new circumstances of the Russian invasion”