ESD 2022 Program

Monday July 4

17:00-20:00 Kyiv time

Welcome meeting:

Opening Remarks

An Introductory Lecture by Yaroslav Hrytsak How to Reconcile Properly: what experience of the Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation can tell us about possibility of the Russian-Ukrainian reconciliation?”

Presentation of the ESD program

Participants’ motivational stories

Tuesday, July 5

17:00 Dr. Yuriy Pidlisnyi

“The Russian war against Ukraine: political, ideological and religious roots”

18:30 Rev. Dr. Oleh Kindiy

"Сhurches in peacebuilding: Ecumenical engagement for peace and reconciliation”

Wednesday, July 6

17:00 Dr. Paul Silas Peterson

“The public sphere, democracy and truth claims: Ethical and theological perspectives”

18:30 Dr. Myroslav Marynovych

“Distinguishing between Truth and Lies and the Future World Order”

Thursday, July 7

17:00 Dr. Dmytro Sherenhovsky

“Propaganda in academia: Russian impact on Western universities and think tanks”

18:30 Taras Kurylets

“The impact of the war on the Ukrainian confessions”

Friday, July 8

17:00 Rev. Dr. Nicholas Denysenko

“Religious dimension of the current Russian aggression against Ukraine”

18:30 Rev. Dr. Andriy Dudchenko

“The perspectives of unity between the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine in new circumstances of war”

Saturday, July 9

17:00 Rev. Andriy Shestak

"«The holy hybrid war»: principles and efficiency"

18:30 Dr. Borys Potiatynyk

“Is it possible to get rid of the issue of truth?”

Sunday, July 10

No lectures

Monday, July 11

17:00 Dr. Svitlana Hurkina

“UGCC 50-years’ experience of resistance to the soviet totalitarian regime and propaganda”

18:30 Sister Dr. Vassa Larin

“Interconnectedness between propaganda and war: theological evaluation and proposals”

Tuesday, July 12

17:00 Dr. Taras Dzyubanskyy

“How the war impacts on the interreligious relations in Ukraine?”

18:30 Dr. Roman Nazarenko

“Theological evaluation of war and peace in Christianity and Islam”

Wednesday, July 13

17:00 Dr. Joshua Searle

“Christian Ethics and the Challenge of Russian Propaganda in a Post-Truth Age”

18:30 Dr. Roman Soloviy

“Causes of different statements on the Russian military aggression of Russian and Ukrainian Protestants”

Thursday, July 14

17:00 Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk