Ecumenical School for Dialogue 2021

Ukraine at the Crossroad between East and West:

Religious, Social and Geopolitical Dimensions

5-16 July, 2021

English speaking online school for for those interested in theology, philosophy, humanities, politics, history and reconciliation.

Presented by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University, ESD lasted for 13 days and consisted of online lectures, discussions, seminars, video-presentations and virtual excursions.

Working language – English!

Goals of the School:

- to study key political, social and religious processes occurring in Ukraine and throughout the region;

- to introduce various aspects of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine (geopolitical, ethnic, religious, ideological);

- to investigate the inter-denominational experience of the 2014 Maidan Revolution (The Revolution of Dignity) and its impact on the dialogue and cooperation within broader society;

- to study the ecumenical situation in Ukraine, marked by the challenges of the Catholic-Orthodox dialogue;

- to study the implications of the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the reaction of the Russian Orthodox church to it, and the implications for the inter-Orthodox unity;

- to evaluate Eastern Christian contributions to the field of ecumenism and peacebuilding;

- to discuss creative proposals in order to deal with the situation of conflicts and wars, and cultivate an atmosphere of trust between the Churches, societies and states;

- to foster an understanding of Ukraine and its neighbours, in order to understand Europe better, by engaging with the insider perspectives.

The project is implemented with the support of the Mainz Diocese (Germany).