A Common Date for Easter is Possible: the 1997 Aleppo Consensus

International interconfessional seminar
A Common Date for Easter is Possible: The 1997 Aleppo Consensus
May 15, 2009
of the Ukrainian Catholic University and
The seminar was dedicated to the discussion of the document, accepted in Aleppo (Syria) by the representatives of the Christian churches, which presented the solution of the issue of calculating the common date for Easter for all the Christians.
Speakers at the seminar:
  • Dr. Dagmar Heller – professor of the Ecumenical Institute in Bose, the representative of the World Council of Churches.
  • Fr. Milan Zust – Dr. of theology, the representative of the Catholic Church (The Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity).
  • Dr. Kostyantyn Sigov – director of the Center of European Humanitarian Researches of NaUKMA, chief editor of “Dukh i Litera” publishing house, the representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
  • Representatives of the Christian Churches of L’viv.
  • Discussion.
Participants of the seminar during the press-conference presented communiqué concerning common date for Easter. They believed that the recommendations from Aleppo are the most acceptable for all Christian Churches within the East as well as West.