The New Mexico Pilgrimage for Unity 2022 will support IES' activity

The New Mexico Pilgrimage for Unity is committed to healing and building up the Body of Christ by providing opportunities for profound, shared spiritual experience and dialogue.

During the 2022 Pentecost Pilgrimage, donations will be collected for the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine.

Many good and charitable people are offering financial support to care for the physical, medical, and social needs of the Ukraine people. Our gifts are designated to support the mission of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Ukraine. It is our intention to strengthen their work, despite war, fear, trauma and instability. With our support, their goals, as shared by the Director of the Distance Learning Masters Program, Fr. Roman Fihas:

  • Continuing the Distance Learning Master’s Program, with the (international) students currently enrolled;
  • Developing all current courses with new material integrating ethical questions raised by a time of violence and strengthening the crucial practices of reconciliation and peace-building;
  • Responding to the challenge of humanitarian work by new programs to equip Christian communities to cooperate at the grass roots level.

More information about the initiative is here


Thank you for standing with us in these difficult but crucial times. God bless us all!