International Conference "Building a Just Peace"

On November, 25-26, 2021

On November, 25-26, 2021 The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Commission for Interfaith and Interreligious Relations together with the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, UCU, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine and Renovabis, invite you to attend the international conference “Building of Just Peace: the Role of Church and Public Society”, dedicated to the German-Polish reconciliation and the lessons, we can take for modern Ukraine.

The forum attendees include – outstanding experts of international diplomacy, representatives of various churches of Germany, Poland and Ukraine, international journalists, scholars and Religious Studies experts.

Languages: Ukrainian, Polish, German. Date: November 25, 2021 Time: 16:00 – 20:00 Date: November 26, 2021 Time: 10:00 – 17:00 Format: Online via Zoom, Facebook, Youtube


*** Physical presence is possible provided that visitors have a "green" COVID-certificate, a digital certificate of negative test result or recovery. If you intend to participate in the conference offline — please take a relevant certificate with you, or send it to us in advance.

In case you do not have such documents, but wish to participate in the conference, please notify the organizers no later than November 18. Such persons will be able to undergo an express-test for coronavirus antigen 30 minutes before the event.

Responsible person: Iryna Kitura