A new book of Antoine Arjakovsky “Waiting for a Pan-Orthodox Council” in French

In France, Antoine Arjakovski published the book "Waiting for a Pan-Orthodox Council.” The texts included in this collection are lectures which the author read from 2004 to 2010 in various places. The collection comprises four chapters.

The first one is titled “Aspects of Orthodox Christian thought.” It briefly outlines the main stages of preparation for the Pan-Orthodox Council from the historical perspective, tying them with the general evolution of Orthodox thought after the Second World War. The second chapter “Towards practical ecumenism” considers one of the most controversial issues of Orthodoxy, which will be a subject of special attention during the council, namely: the legitimacy of the ecumenical movement for Orthodoxy and relationships of Orthodox churches with the whole Christian world.

The third chapter “Common features of the social doctrine of the churches” concludes that the Orthodox churches, each one with their own tempo and way, seek ecumenism, not only doctrinal but practical. The fourth chapter “The future of ecumenism in Ukraine and Russia” does not address directly the theme of the next council. However, the author believes it has its place in this book since it is suitable for the consideration of certain issues of the future council (such as the issue of the ecumenical movement or a common calendar), based on local experience.

Also, the Institute of Ecumenical Studies is preparing translations of Antoine Arjakovsky’s book "Waiting for a Pan-Orthodox council” into the Ukrainian and Russian languages.