Webinar "Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: The Experience of the Northern Ireland"

December 14, at 17.00 EET

The Institute of Ecumenical Studies in partnership with Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung invite you to attend the webinar "Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: The Experience of the Northern Ireland"

This webinar will be held on December 14, at 17.00 EET via ZOOM.

Moderator: Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies UCU

Speaker: Rev. Tom Layden, Superior of Jesuit Community Belfast and Coordinator of Ecumenism for Irish Jesuits

Respondent: Dr. Tetiana Kyselova, Department of International Relations Director, Mediation and Dialogue Research Center,National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"

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International Conference "Building a Just Peace"

On November, 25-26, 2021

On November, 25-26, 2021 The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Commission for Interfaith and Interreligious Relations together with the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, UCU, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine and Renovabis, invite you to attend the international conference “Building of Just Peace: the Role of Church and Public Society”, dedicated to the German-Polish reconciliation and the lessons, we can take for modern Ukraine.

The forum attendees include – outstanding experts of international diplomacy, representatives of various churches of Germany, Poland and Ukraine, international journalists, scholars and Religious Studies experts.

Languages: Ukrainian, Polish, German. Date: November 25, 2021 Time: 16:00 – 20:00 Date: November 26, 2021 Time: 10:00 – 17:00 Format: Online via Zoom, Facebook, Youtube


*** Physical presence is possible provided that visitors have a "green" COVID-certificate, a digital certificate of negative test result or recovery. If you intend to participate in the conference offline — please take a relevant certificate with you, or send it to us in advance.

In case you do not have such documents, but wish to participate in the conference, please notify the organizers no later than November 18. Such persons will be able to undergo an express-test for coronavirus antigen 30 minutes before the event.

Responsible person: Iryna Kitura


Webinar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: the Experience of the Balkans”

December 8

The Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic University in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ukraine, invites you to attend the webinar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: the Experience of the Balkans”, December 8, at 18:00 EET, via Zoom.

Speaker: Dr. Thomas Bremer, Professor of Ecumenical Theology, Eastern Church Studies and Peace Studies at Muenster University

Respondent: Fedir Raychynets, Head of the Theology Department at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, Director of the M.Th. in Transformative Leadership Program, PhD student at the Free University of Amsterdam

Moderator: Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies UCU


Webinar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: Experience of Lebanon”

November 17, 2021

Webinar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: Experience of Lebanon”

November 17, 2021

Time: 17:00 (Kyiv time)



Moderator: Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU.

Speaker: Dr. Antoine Fleyfel, Director of the l'Institut chrétiens d'Orient, Paris.

Respondent: s. Alphonsa Karapata, Missionary Sisters of the Holy Redeemer.


“Ecumenical Aspects of the Establishment of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine”

Pavlo Smytsnyuk will have an open lecture on November 17, 18:00

IES Director Pavlo Smytsnyuk will have an open lecture entitled “Ecumenical Aspects of the Establishment of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Working language English

The lecture is organized by the Stt. Peter and Andrew Center (Bucharest, Romania)

Date: November 17, 2021

Time: 18:00 (Kyiv time)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID : 829 9650 2211

Passcode : 348754


2021 IAMS Europe Webinars, 12 November 2021, 12:00-14:00 (CET)

Missions towards Human Dignity: Challenges from within and beyond the Black Sea region

“Having Hope” is a National Repentance Forum started on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Catastrophe in 1917. It is a call addressed at those whose hearts ache for the fate of Russia, Russian people and Russian church. The Forum calls those who participate to demand full deCommunization, to restore the best Russian traditions, to remember not only the honour and worth of every human person, but also a sense of nobility and generosity.

Kirill Mozgov is a Russian philologist and holds his BA in Theology from St Philaret Christian Orthodox Institute (SFI, Moscow) and his MA in Theology from the Russian Christian Academy of Humanities (RCHHA, St Petersburg). He is a lecturer History of Catechism and Church Slavonic. Kirill is also the Head of the SFI Publishing House. Since 2015 he is also the Head of St Seraphim Orthodox Brotherhood.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia saw an unprecedented interest in Christian faith and church life, with the hope to restore the religious aspect of human dignity. Yet, deprived of any religious upbringing, most people found it hard to enter the church. The practice of prolonged catechumenate that was developed in the Transfiguration Fellowship of Minor Orthodox Brotherhoods served to help those seeking God to discover the Scriptures and bring their life in accordance with the teaching of Christ. The presentation examines how the principles of catechumenal practice of the ancient church are applied in today’s Russia in order to restore human dignity.

Vladimir Yakuntsev holds his BA from St Philaret Christian Orthodox Institute (SFI, Moscow) and MA in Theology from the Russian Christian Academy of Humanities (RCHHA, St Petersburg). He is Head of the Research Centre for Mission and Catechesis at SFI and a lecturer in Missiology and Catechetics. From 2000 to 2020 he was also the Head of St Sergius Orthodox Brotherhood.

Zoom:; Code: summer

Webinar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: Experience of Israel”

The Institute of Ecumenical Studies UCU, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ukraine, invite you to attend the continuation of the webinar series themed “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: Experience of Israel”, which will be held on November 11, at 16:00, via ZOOM.

Moderator: Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of UCU.

Speaker: Dr. Shlomo Fischer, sociologist and senior Fellow in the Jewish People Policy Institute in Jerusalem (JPPI)

Respondent: Roman Nazarenko, Religious Studies Scholar, author of publications and lectures on interreligious dialogue and reconciliation. PhD student of the Theology Faculty of the Tilburg Catholic University.

Free participation.

The event will be held with simultaneous interpreting, in English and Ukrainian.

Details and organizing issues:

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Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society "Primacy, Catholicity and World Governance"

October 29, 2021

October 29, 2021 at 15.00-18.00 (Kyiv time) will take place the Seminar of the Ukrainian Christian Academic Society, dedicated to the topic "Primacy, Catholicity and World Governance"

Working language: English

This panel aims to explore the question of universal authority in the new context of technological development and globalisation, and examine how this new context impacts the relationship between universality and particularity.

Luc Forestier: “Catholicity or Universality? Towards an Ecumenical Form of Governance for the Global Church”

Pavlo Smytsnyuk: “The Uneasy Business of Universality: Western and Eastern Struggles with Catholicity”

Dr. Luc Forestier, member of the French oratory, member of the Groupe des Dombes.

Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk, his main interests are in political theology, ecumenism, nationalism and religion, as well as colonial studies.


Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: a Platform for Overcoming the Ukrainian Crisis to create in Lviv

International experience in peacebuilding – for achieving just comprehension in Ukraine.

On August 4-5, 2021 at 5:00 pm. a two-day online seminar “Ecumenism and Peacebuilding: International Lessons for Ukraine” will take place. The Institute of Ecumenical Studies, in cooperation with both Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and international academic partners, intends to gather scholars and activists willing to ponder the relevance and applicability of foreign peacekeeping expertise.

Within the project, we shall organize an introductory two-day meeting-discussion, when the experts will present the situation in Ukraine, and also the international experience of the Church and religious organizations in the field of peacebuilding. The meeting participants will have an opportunity to debate and exchange thoughts regarding the prospects of the Church influence upon the creation of just peace in Ukraine and abroad.

“The role of churches and religious leaders is extremely important in creating a new approach to peacebuilding. Firstly, religion enjoys one of the highest ratings of social trust in Ukraine. This is notable in a society that generally suffers from a deficit of authority. This creates a window of opportunity for churches to act as forces of peace and reconciliation. Secondly, the churches and religions themselves would benefit from deepening their commitment to dialogue, since inter-denominational tensions occur. Thirdly, churches and religious communities in Ukraine—through their international networks, are connected to partners in countries which have vast expertise in peacebuilding and reconciliation” - Pavlo Smytsnyuk, IES director, defines.

Since 2014, Ukrainian society has been dealing with the realities of а hybrid war with Russia and Russia-backed separatists, marked by thousands of deaths and injuries, at least 1.5 million internally displaced persons, destroyed infrastructure, and social polarisation. This situation—completely novel to modern Ukraine—requires taking steps, through dialogue and academic research, in order to create a just peace, civic understanding, and lay the groundwork for the future reintegration of people from temporarily occupied territories. Due to the unprecedented nature of the situation and lack of peacebuilding expertise in Ukraine, it is important to apply relevant international experience in conflict resolution.


August 4

17:00-17:20 Dr. Yaroslav Hrytsak, a Ukrainian scholar, historian and publicist, Doctor in History, a professor at the Ukrainian Catholic University

17:20-18:00 Q&A. Discussion

August 5

17:00-17:20 Dr. Gerard Powers, Director, Catholic Peacebuilding Studies, an expert in peacebuilding in Europe, Latin America and the Philippines, professor of the Notre Dame University, USA

17:20-18:00 Q&A. Discussion


These meeting will become the starting point for further seminars on peacebuilding, that will take place online till November 2021.


Contact person: Iryna Kitura,


IES invites to the 14-th Ecumenical Social Week, October 5-9, 2021

The annual international forum Ecumenical Social Week (ESW) unites the resources of the community, public authorities, mass media, social organizations, Churches, educators and youth organizations to discuss and solve social issues, in light of human values, religious social teaching, and the principles of sustainable development.

We invite attendees to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, religious social teaching, and the creation of a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of experience and dialogue. We aim to establish communication between all the players of social change and, through their messages, to grasp today’s challenges, the ways of solving pressing issues, and the building of a just world.

Within the forum we shall hold diverse international events: conferences, seminars, discussion panels, and presentations in these fields:

- Environment (conservation of forests, biodiversity, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, end of the fossil fuel era, climate change, and sustainable cities);

- Economy and business (sustainable development and the contribution of business, European Green Deal);

- Ecumenical, interreligious dialogue and Sustainable Development Goals;

- Inclusivity;

- Issues regarding peacebuilding;

- Theological events; and other.

Keynote speakers:

Cardinal Michael Czerny, SJ, Under-Secretary of the Migrants and Refugees Section of the Holy See’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development;

Dafina Gercheva, United Nations Development Programme Resident Representative in Ukraine;

Johan de Tavernier, Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies KU Leuven;

and others.

Organizers: Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Ukrainian Catholic University, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Lviv City Council

Main academic partner: KU Leuven

Sponsor of Ukrainian Christian Academic Society: Renovabis

Experts and partners: NGO “UCU Alumni”, Environmental Department of the Lviv City Council, International Charity Environment People Law, UCU Lviv Business School, UCU Institute of Religion and Society, Laudato Si' Movement (formerly Global Catholic Climate Movement), Emmaus Center for Support of Persons with Special Needs, WWF and others.

How to join?

Taking into consideration the COVID-19 restrictions, the number of attendees in the venue will be restricted. It is important for us to care for the health of one other, thus, all events will be also held online via ZOOM, and livestreams on social networks and YouTube.

To attend the forum and receive links to ZOOM and the livestreams, you must register by October 4, 2021.

You can find all the details at:

Project coordinator: Iryna Kitura,