Antoine Arjakovsky. Cоnversations with Lubomyr cardinal Husar Towards a Post-Confessional Christianity

History has known religious leaders who are remarkable for their tireless missionary activity and monumental institution building. Some great churchmen have left a legacy of voluminous theological writings.

Others have inspired with a charisma and spiritual power that seem super-human or defy the laws of nature.

Today, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, most of us hope for spiritual guides who can touch us personally.

Patriarch Lubomyr Husar is one of those unique figures who make an immediate, warm, welcoming impression and contact people on a basic human level. This direct simplicity has been nourished by his unusually rich experience and personal trials. Lubomyr Husar’s complex life has carried him across many lands and cultures and brought him to serve the Church in a variety of contexts and ministries. Some of the complexities came with a hidden twist; most have been lived with an exemplary lightness and a singular grace.


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