Masters Degree Program in Ecumenical Studies


The philosophy of the French journalists association Reporters of Hope forms the basis for the educational program ( In contrast to the mainstream media’s focus on sensationalism, Reporters of Hope attempts to fill in the informational lacunae such sensationalism creates by producing information relevant to people in various locations.

Continiung this initiative in Ukraine, in spring 2009 the Institute of Ecumenical Studies organized the first all-Ukrainian competition for journalists under the title “Reporters in Hope in Ukraine”. Over 700 entries took part in the First Reporters of Hope all-Ukrainian competition, representing every region of Ukraine.

The Second Reporters of Hope in Ukraine competition started in June 2010.

«The fact that a competition was held in Lviv that included HOPE in its very name, is, I think, a good sign for Ukrainian journalism. My victory in this competition means that fate gave me a great gift – [the opportunity] to meet special people, that is, the heroes of my stories.»

Khrystyna Stets, journalist at the TRK “Lux”, winner of the Reporters of Hope in Ukraine competition in the category of Television



"When teaching Christian ethics in Ukrainian schools, it is essential to have an ecumenical vision. While our country is multiconfesional, the Christian values, as trust or responsibility, which we teach to our children are common to all."

Fr.Bohdan Voloshchak, MPESgraduate

The aim of the specialization is training teachers in Christian ethics by deepening knowledge in theological, anthropological and pedagogical disciplines and enhancing teaching skills through training in schools. Both experienced Ukrainian and foreign professors of different confessions, who are specialists in ecumenical and cultural disciplines teach, in the program. They do not dilute the faith of Church Tradition and respect authentic spiritual experience of believers down the centuries.experience, while pursuing serious scholarly study of religion.



In 2010 a new specialization was created within the MPES aimed at preparing medical-psychological and social support practioners for persons with special needs. On graduating, the students receive a diploma from the “Lviv Polytechnic” National University, UCU and the International Federation “L’Arche”, they also receive a Masters of Ecumenical Studies degree from the UCU.

Apart from a Master’s program in the same specialization, the IES offers a year-long certificate program, which trains specialists capable of providing professional medical-psychological and social support for persons with special needs.

The program was created on the basis of the program of the L’Arche International Federation, which has been successfully implemented in France over the past decade, but adapted to the Ukrainian context.

Another important aspect of the Institute’s life are ecumenical retreats (spiritual guidance and deliberations), which take place every year during Lent.

Students of MPES take an active part in all projects of the Institute, which allows them to gain good experience that is important for their future. The students also have interesting opportunities for trips abroad to participate in international events, such as Taize youth meetings, conferences in La Salette, Social Weeks of France, the Jeunesse et Lumière evangelization school (France), and many others.