Distance Learning Master’s Degree Program in Ecumenical Studies

The program functioned from 2008 to 2019 and offered an interdisciplinary and interdenominational approach to religious issues through the study of Christian history, ecumenical theology, anthropology, Christian ethics, Christian denominations, Christian spirituality and more.

The program was attended by representatives from all regions of Ukraine with very different professional and educational experience, both technical and humanitarian. During the opening session, students had an opportunity to get acquainted with each other as well as with UCU, Lviv and its rich experience of cultural, ecclesiastical and religious diversity, which included both a tour of Lviv and daily visits to various religious organizations.

Distance learning was designed for two years of study (4 semesters). In some cases, students, who for objective reasons could not master the full load of the two-year program, were able to fulfill all requirements of the educational process and obtain a master's degree within six years. There was also the opportunity to enroll in separate courses without enrolling in the entire program – for your own education or for credits at other educational institutions.

The courses were composed so that a student under the guidance of Orthodox, Roman, Greek Catholic, and Protestant theologians, experienced ecumenical experts, could effectively acquire the proper knowledge and skills.

The program was designed for those interested in religious issues and unity of the Churches, who had the appropriate motivation for independent and fruitful work: reading relevant literature, writing papers, maintaining constant contact with teachers through the Internet, etc.

The program is currently suspended due to its rebranding and reorganization process.